2016年四级预测:Shopping on the Net 网上购物话题




Shopping on the Net 网上购物








  “网上购物“属提纲式作文。根据题中所给汉语提示句提示,本文可用三段式的谋篇形式。开篇段照应提纲开门见山地指出目前不仅出现了“上网热”,而且出现了“网上购物热”――Nowadays many people tend to shop on the net。随后在第二和第三段中阐明对网上购物的两种不同观点,并就此展开讨论。最后用一句话得出结论。因此第二段的主题句应为:Some people prefer this new way of shopping。第三段主题句为:Others dislike the new trend of shopping。结论为:I believe it is an irresistible trend of shopping in the 21st century。全文和各段落具体框架结构如下:


  1.Nowadays many people tend to shop on the Net.

  2.Some people prefer this new way of shopping.

  3.Others dislike the new trend of shopping.


  第一段:Topic Sentence Nowadays many people tend to shop on the Net.

  Developing Sentence 1 Internet is revolutionizing our world.

  Developing Sentence 2 We can do many things online.

  第二段: Topic Sentence Some people prefer this new way of shopping..

  Developing Sentence convenient and time-saving

  第三段: Topic Sentence others dislike the new trend of shopping.

  Developing Sentence fear of buying fake commodities



  on the WebNet网上


  Web page网页



  virtual shopping center网上虚构的购物中心


  Nowadays,… As a matter of fact,… To illustrate,… However,…

  Some…First, …besides, … Most important of all,…

  However, others…First, …Besides,…Finally,… However,…


  Nowadays Internet is revolutionizing our world and greatly facilitating our modern life, so that we can do many things on the Net.

  Nowadays, with the arrival of knowledge economy age, we can do many things on the Web, such as conducting e-business, buying and selling stocks and even shopping at home via the Internet.

  Nowadays, we can do many things via Internet. To illustrate, we can conduct e-commerce ,buy and sell stocks, buy train or air tickets and even shop on the Net.

  Nowadays, shopping at home via Internet is becoming popular in many parts of the country.


  Therefore, they don’t think it’s the best way to shop on the Web.

  Therefore, they doubt whether its advantages can outweigh its disadvantages, hence, they still continue their old practice.

  Therefore, they didn’t show any interest in online shopping.

  Therefore, they find it difficult to adopt the new way of shopping and still stick to he old way.




  Nowadays Internet is revolutionizing our world and greatly facilitating our modern life. As a matter of fact, we can do almost everything on the net. To illustrate, we can conduct E-business, advertise our products, book an air ticket, buy and sell stocks, even hunt job on the web. Recently, shopping on the Net is gradually becoming popular in modern cities. However, people take different attitudes towards the new way of shopping.

  Some people who prefer shopping on the virtual shopping centers or the e-commerce portals, hold that the new way of shopping has many advantages. First ,the web-stores can keep customers updated about the best selling products. Besides, they can provide customers with a wider range of choices. Most important of all , it is very convenient and time-saving .People can stay at home shopping whatever they want online.

  However, others who stick to shopping in the real –life stores have their reasons. First, they argue that though time-saving, it’s a little bit complicated to pay on the Web. Besides, they think that customers can never rest assured of the quality of the commodities unless they see them with their own eyes. Finally, they believe the best way to be on guard against the fake and poor quality commodities is to shop in the traditional way. Therefore, they don’t show any interest in shopping online. However, more and more people will prefer shopping on the Web. And it’s believed that it will eventually be an irresistible trend of shopping in the 21st century.







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